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What is PPC Marketing?

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Pay per click(PPC) is a great Conversation Marketing tool. You can control and measure what you spend, and know what your ROI is, with a minimum of work. Plus, you can adjust your campaigns very, very quickly.

If you don't know the basics of PPC, you risk throwing your money out the window unnecessarily, we can help to serve better...check our ppc marketing services

Why use PPC services?

Pay Per Click Management Services - ppc company India, pay per click expert from ppc management company
  • Pay Per Click increases your sales
  • Using Pay per Click can bring you more targeted traffic in long run or short term
  • PPC is easy to run and increases ROI at a very less time
  • You don't have to depend on organic results
  • Easy tracking of ROI
  • You can get traffic for many keywords at one time
  • You can choose your favorable keywords and can get traffic from them
  • See Flow of Traffic on your site in less then 48 hours
  • Advertisements on the basis of daily budgets

When you pay a search engine for each visitor they send to your site, this is called pay per click (PPC). Pay per click listings are usually marked as advertisements or “Sponsored Links” and appear above or beside the search engine’s organic listings. See example below:

PPC Company India - Get best advice from Pay Per Click Experts

Pay Per Click(PPC) made easy

pay per click(ppc) campaign management - Pay Per Click(ppc) Management Services - PPC Manager and pay per click(ppc) expert from ppc company India
Pay Per Click(PPC) Search Engines enables you to get your search results quickly. This will allow you to:

  • Quickly gather feedback and get updated on market conditions.
  • You can analyze behavior of your users and gather results in real time.
  • You have to pay only when searcher clicks on your Ad(s) and reaches to landing page.
  • What you pay is not for the Ad position, but for the clicks or click through you get.

Leave all your click through marketing management to us. Our motivation is your success.

Only pay per UNIQUE click.

Connecting your sales information with customers searching for what you sell.

Here's a breakdown of Seo Sem India's starting points for pay per click service:

Per Keyword Phrase Bid Per PPC Account

pay per click bid management - PPC Mumbai, PPC Consultant India, ppc management company, adwords pay per click
In this model, the PPC management firm or company charges you a monthly fee based on the number of keywords managed for each of your pay per click accounts.

For instance, if the company charges $10 per month per keyword bid per account and manages 100 keywords in Google Adwords and 75 keywords in Yahoo! Search Marketing, the management fee is $1,750 (100 keywords + 75 keywords x $10 per month).

Hourly Rate

The hourly rate model is used in many professional service firms and has been around a long time. The pay per click campaign management company charges you based on the amount of time they spend managing your account each month.

If they charge an hourly rate of $70 per hour and work 16 hours on managing your click campaign, you are billed $1,120.

The age-old flaw in the hourly rate model is that it encourages "less-than-honest" PPC management companies to be inefficient – more hours for them equals more costs for you.

Pay for Performance

adwords pay per click company - Pay for Performance(PPC company), Pay Per Click Management Services
In a pay for performance model, where you pay the vendor to achieve a specific outcome. Usually it works with a flat fee for action - as in $10 per conversion. On the surface, this approach seems ideal until you learn the tail is wagging the dog. For example, we do business together. I am now sending you customers and you are paying me $10 per new customer. All of a sudden I am approached by your competitor who offers me $12 per new customer or a 20% premium to your fee. Get the point?

Again, Seo Sem India would be happy to structure a pay per click proposal with flexible pay options which best meet your needs.

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